We are design. We are engineering. We are made from us.

From our experience. From our will to develop new projects to improve everyone's life. We shape 2D and 3D ideas. We like to meet people and to work with partners who also like to work like us.

We want to meet new stories and 'spread' them on the walls of the museums we create or on the pages of the books we make. We love the small pieces that define the identity of the people and places, and with to create with them new graphic identities for the territories. We are made from the things we do, from the products we improve and from the spaces we create.

We are Napperon.



Certificação Energética

Communication Design

Consultoria Energética

Corporate Identity

Editorial Design


Fiscalização de Obra

Graphic Design

Industrial Design

Interior Design

Licenciamentos Municipais

Logo Design

Medidas de Autoproteção



Optimização de Espaços

Planos de Emergência

Reorganização de Espaços

Social Networks


Made from us

Paulo Passos


Gisela Patornilo

Civil Engineer and Interior Designer

Carina Dias

Drawing Technician

Paulo Graça


Mónica Monteiro