what we do

who we are

We are design. We are engineering. We are made of knots. Of our experience.
Of our will to develop projects that improve everyone’s lives. We give shape to ideas in 2D and 3D. We like to meet people and to work with partners who enjoy working like us.
We like to know stories and to ‘spread’ them on the walls of the museums we create, or in the pages of a book we make.
We love the elements that make the identity of the places and the people, and to, with these elements, create new graphic identities of the territories.
We are made of the things we do, of the products we improve, and of the spaces we create.
Speaking of spaces, we like them efficient and safe. We work every day for that, through the conception of new spaces, energy certification or emergency plans.
We are a space with space for others. Like any other doily (napperon), ours is made of knots. Knots (links) that we have with our partners who work here with us.
We have a hall, with a waiting area, a pantry and sanitary facilities. The area of openspace incorporates five workstations divided by a bookcase. The same space contains 5 working tables [cowork format] and a zone of coffeebreak and brainstorm. We also have a room that gathers privacy conditions, to conduct trainings and meetings, for a maximum of 20 people, equipped with LCD for presentations.
This space, despite having heterogeneous and independent activities, is also a sharing space for research, analysis and innovative solutions that seek to improve the quality of people from a personal or social point of view. We seek, through innovative/creative solutions, to develop differentiating and innovative products in the area of concept Design, Design, communication and information technologies, in the area of energy efficiency, sustainability, in tourism and culture, by constructing buildings and developing interiors.
Napperon is a space for sharing and learning (because we like and want to learn more) and that is what makes us grow in every project, professionally and personally.
We also have room for you.
We currently share our space with:
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where we are

+351 241 094 470
Edifício São Domingos, Porta 2
Rua S. Domingos, N.336 1ºC
2200-397 Abrantes
Monday to Friday
09:30 – 13:00
14:00 – 18:30